For my final project, I would like to create a website that contains videos and images that is used to educate the elderly population about technology. I have noticed that information technology is overwhelming to many senior citizens. Topics I would like to include: How to access the web, common troubleshooting issues, identity protection, how to avoid scams, where to find free music and videos, how to stay connected with loved ones, how to use search engines, how not to fear technology, etc. This all came about when I was listening to Radiohead at work. An older woman approached me and told me that she really like the music and asked where she could buy it. I explained to her that it was released for free and she could get it online. At that point she started crying, and expressed her frustration and fear of technology, and how out of place she felt in today’s society. This is why I would like to do this project. Senior citizens have been through so much in their lives, and it is the younger generation’s responsibility to make sure that they can understand the world that we are creating. We will all be old one day and technology will move beyond our familiarity.